Rhino for mac, mapping on one object only

Newbie here, sorry if this is basic.

I can’t map a texture on one object only. I select an object and apply a texture but every object in my model gets mapped by the same image.
Am I doing something wrong? Anybody else have this problem?
I’ve downloaded Rhino a few day ago: Version 5.2.4 (5C262)

Pierre B.

how do you apply the texture?

if you apply a texture over the layer panel then this would happen. when you apply a texture over the object panel the circle with the circle inside then its going to happen individual. you have to click there on material then set to object then click edit.

Thanks for the input. It wasn’t exactly that, but your answer put me on the right track.

Got it! Thanks again

On a slightly different note, maybe you can help on this: I’m trying to add a pattern on top of an existing object with colour, say flames on car (like a decal).
I’m having trouble adding a texture with transparency on top of another layer with a base colour.
Is that possible? How does one go about doing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

well i am not a texture pro in rhino, but i tried to dig myself into it to find out whats possible. after tweaking around for an hour turning rhino inside out and checking whats being offered as a solution the bad news is you seem to have currently no real options doing that.

3 work arounds which i can offer:

  1. you use photoshop or similar to finish up the texture and load it in, this also happens automatically when you change the texture at least after reopening the file. so you can keep your textures on layers external. png worked ok for me. but jpg should do to.

  2. you copy paste the same surface to the same position while using a transparent texture on the 2nd one. either png with transparency then you set it to 1% transparent and the other texture shines through. or you create a mask which would be black blending the transparency, but since i never did that you go and try how it works best for you.

  3. you use something else to render it like an internal vray or maxwell or there are pretty plenty which you can use inside rhino i believe which should have this options but i dont use that so you have to try for yourself.

I will be trying those options.

Thanks a bunch for all the advice.