Problem with texture mapping

Hi there,

Total beginner with texture mapping on Rhino, I play around with the features of texturing to get familiar with this.

I have a problem though : first, when I apply a texture from the rhino library on an object, Rhino warns me with this : " some materials use “box” or “UCS” textures and may not be affected by the following dialog box" (sorry if the message is not super clear, I translated it from my french software).

Then, I can play around with the “box style” texture but if I apply a texture as a surface mapping, it’s like frozen, it stays the same even if I change the scale of the texture or whatever (as seen on the image below).

Sans titre.3dm (3.1 MB)

Can somebody help me with this issue ?


You’re surface doesn’t seem to have a UV-map.

Ok, so what should I do to solve the problem exactly ?

Simply add a UV-map. :wink:

Ok thanks.

But what if I create a cube and want to give it a “surface mapping” ? That is when the texture seems frozen to me.

if you set the texture to use the “mapping channel” mapping, then it will use the UVs defined in the object properties > texture mapping panel

you can create multiple UV sets in the texture mapping panel, and choose which one to use for the texture, by setting the mapping channel value (set to 1 above)