Texture Mapping

I’m having trouble getting my head around mapping channels. If I have a cube, say, and want to apply a different texture to each face, I’m assuming there must be some way to designate that each face uses a different mapping channel, each with a different texture, but I can’t for the life of me work out how. If I set a texture in the color of a material, and specify a mapping channel other than 1, it still applies the texture to the whole object. Adding new mappings does iterate through channels, but how to actually assign a different texture to each one? I’m sure there must be some basic step in the workflow that I’m leaving out.

You’ll have to extract the surfaces and apply a different material to each face.
Materials follows the mapping to know how to behave. Mapping channels are not a mean to get different materials on the same object. It’s used when several bitmaps are used in the same material (i.e. one for the diffuse color, one for the bump, one for the reflection…) each map can then have a specific mapping channel so the bump map does not have to be the same scale, relatively to the object, than the diffuse map.

Thanks Marc, that clarifies things for me. Most of my experience is working with mesh objects so I have some difficulties translating. I like the UV mapping that’s in Rhino now. That should meet all my needs I think.