Ruled Surface Not Aligned Exactly

I created slanted architectural wall with 2 layers using Ruled Surface component.
Base Curves are exactly aligned with each other in the middle at the bottom and the top.
Apparently baked geometry has no problem, but I noticed two wall layers are not exactly aligned with each other in section cut. Is there any way to have them aligned with no problem?

Ruled Srfs Tangency.3dm (3.7 MB)
Ruled Srfs (29.8 KB)

unless the two points are perfectly aligned along the generators of the surface, this will be a curve, not a straight line (16.3 KB)

by taking perpendicular segments from two random points on top and bottom, A and B, the surface they generate when straight lofted (or RuledSrf) most probably will intersect your side surface

@inno. Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve researched the way to fix this problem, but it looks impossible to achieve clean geometry with ruled surface or loft.
Thanks again.