Problem: curves are aligned but loft is tweested


I’m facing a problem when creating a lofted surface through a couple of closed section curves.

Both curves are aligned (same direction, seams adjusted) and yet the resulting lofted surface is tweested. Same issue occurs when trying to create multiple tween curves in-between.

Is there a way to compute a “cleaner” lofted surface ?

lofted srf (11.4 KB)

I normally avoid using TweenCurves because of the reason you stated. The resulted curves oftentimes are not desirable.

Let me know how you think.

lofted srf (12.7 KB)

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Thank you for the reply, the lofted surface does look better !

Any idea how I could draw homogeneous, non-distorded interpolating curves between the boundary curves ?

What do you mean by homogenous? can you sketch it out?