Uneven Surface Subdivision

Hi every one,

This files contain a set of curves that defines the outer limits a surface for panelling.

My question is, why can’t I obtain perfect vertical divisions ? And how can I achieve it ?

Thanks in advance
201804.gh (9.3 KB)

Hi Nader,

Is there a particular reason why you are using RuleSrf rather than, say, Loft?

I understand you’d expect the divisions to be vertical, I guess the RuleSrf command behaves in an unexpected way when operating on polylines rather than single curves.

In fact, even if the RuleSrf outputs a surface, if you bake it you have a polysurface.

An alternative solution would be to manually find the divisions by dividing the starting polylines and the connecting vertical lines, and to build the surface using the Loft command - see file attached.

Does it help?

201804B.gh (16.8 KB)