Untrimmed surface baked as polysurface

Why the ruled surface which is untrimmed surface baked as polysurface ?

baking_.gh (12.0 KB)

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Hi @anon39580149,

It’s a control point mismatch and the ruled surface wants the control points to align per count I believe.

Bottom control points (count/position as expected):

Top control points (extra near curve seam):

Recreating/rebuilding your top circle should fix it up just fine.

Hope that helps, cheers!

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Thanks , that because i used adjust seam:

But still weird because Grasshopper recognize the shape as surface.

And this fix the output surface to bake it as surface:


hi you need custum bake by SplitKinkyFaces=false

baking_custum bake.gh (12.9 KB)

 private void RunScript(Brep brep, bool bake, bool SplitKinkyFaces)
    if (!bake) return;
    var id = RhinoDocument.Objects.AddBrep(brep);
    bool sp = false;
    if (SplitKinkyFaces)
      sp = true;
    RhinoDocument.Objects.Replace(id, brep, sp);

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Thank you for this script