Curve orientation - build diamond strip structure of a surface

Dear friends,
I am trying to build a diamond-like strip structure for a surface, which the basic structure looks like this.

The orange mark shows to apply the flat strip structures to the surface, but the curves have problem to create these flat strip due to their orientation.

Can anyone give suggestion to help me figuring out this? (18.0 KB) curve.3dm (87.4 KB)

You could use Offset on Srf like this… (17 KB)

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Thank you so much Kim. That is very helpful. I taught about offset on srf, but do not know it needs to work with extend and pull curve knots. One more question, in order to achieve sharp finish like this, can trim work in this situation, I mean after ruled surface knot example_s
curve.3dm (123.0 KB) (21.4 KB) (23.4 KB)

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Thank you some much, Kim, just know it can be done with trim solid :joy:

by the way , if there is component to replace offset on surface, since it fails running on rhino 5 , even thought if it works, it is very slow.