RTX 2080 or two 1080ti? + i9? Any problems with the RTX cards and Rhino?

I’ve been reading some posts that the rtx2080 is not recommended and it’s better to get a used 1080ti instead. My intention is to run rhino 6 and vray or keyshot for rendering on a +30” monitor. What card or cards should I go for for best bang for the buck ? And cpu I’m guessing the i9 9900k is ok? Budget is around $3000usd for a desktop. I can get two 1080ti’s for the price of one 2080… p

… my laptop is starting to create problems like disappearing text in rhino and I can’t have that at work. Need to get a new system ASAP. Thank you.

For VRAY have you seen this blog post? https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/profiling-the-nvidia-rtx-cards.

AFAIK Keyshot doesn’t do GPU rendering.

Cycles in Rhino works with RTX cards. Can’t comment on relative performance as I don’t have a 1080.

2080 RTX generally seems to match 1080ti but has the potential to go further. For me, the newer card was a no brainer as I tend to keep my hardware a long time and when I bought there was little price difference. But if you can get the older card significantly cheaper then you may consider the saving worth it.


Thanks Jeremy. So a 2080 is ok for vray, but what about Rhino? I read some posts of people complaining that the RTX cards don’t give YET with Rhino 6. Maybe that’s old news and Rhino has been updated to play nice with the new RTX cards. Sorry im not very tech savvy when it comes to hardware. Just want to build a solid machine for Rhino and rendering.

Now here’s the thing: for the price of one RTX 2080, I can get two used 1080ti… What would you go for?

Hi Peter,

I use a 2080 RTX with Rhino (now in a dual card setup with a P4000 driving the screen and the RTX for rendering, but I have used the RTX on its own) and it seems fine.

If I had to make your choice, first thing I’d want to know is whether the 1080’s have been running 24/7 mining bitcoin. Personally I’d steer clear of anything I couldn’t be sure of, but if I was happy with the source then I’d go for the 1080 tis, accepting that I would probably replace them sooner. We don’t know when the 2080’s ray tracing feature will benefit rendering - it may be that when it is, we’ll have third gen 20 series cards with even better price performance.

(If I was into gaming though, then I’d probably go for the 2080.)

The RTX is supported. It can be used with Raytraced just fine.

The realtime raytracing technology provided by the cards isn’t used though (specifically the hw accelleration structures).

But the cards do work.

Thanks. I placed an order for a build with a 2080ti. Here are the parts: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/cGZWxG

I’m hoping this is a good build for my purposes of rhino 6 and rendering vray or keyshot.