RTX 2080 or two 1080ti? + i9? Any problems with the RTX cards and Rhino?

I have friends who use Windows 10 for years and no issues to date. Also, years ago my Windows 7 Pro was also officially registered with similar key. There are stores in my country who sell Windows 10 for anything between 15 Euros and 200 Euros. All genuine, but the price difference is huge. The thing about the cheaper Windows 10 is that you can’t re-use it on a different motherboard or machine.

wow this is very useful to know… I wont be doing a clean install as too painful with all current software. so I will be doing an upgrade, i guess that will be fine.

so crap then?

They might be “real” keys, but they were not obtained legitimately–selling volume licenses against licensing or bought with stolen credit cards. There is a difference in price and how many activations you get between “OEM” and “retail box,” but it’s not 15 vs 200 Euros. Get real!

These are probably OEM licences which Microsoft require to be sold with, and tied to, specific computers and cannot be activated on a replacement motherboard.

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From some MS community support site…

Full version (Retail):

  • Includes transfer rights to another computer.
  • Doesn’t require a previous qualifying version of Windows.

OEM versions of Windows are identical to Full License Retail versions except for the following:

  • OEM versions do not offer any free Microsoft direct support from Microsoft support personnel
  • OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on
  • OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard
  • OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows operating system

We have most of our systems running on RTX2080ti. Still have one system on 4X 1080ti.

Rhino viewport runs very well on both types of systems. I fell like the RTX2080ti has more breading room with large models.

GPU rendering is fast and good, but only with fast and good software. Vray GPU is pretty shitty IMO, lots of bugs and frame buffer and alpha/ground plane issues. We stopped using it until it becomes acceptable. This is all stuff that is solved in their CPU engine. ChaosGroup is obviously treating GPU rendering as a non-production, non-important project. Still.

Keyshot still has no GPU rendering, only a preview of it for Version 9? So it could be great, once it’s out, or not. TBD.

Octane works really well on GPU, speed and quality is unmatched. And I think 2 1080ti’s will outperform one 2080ti. We can test it if you are really interested.

Cycles seems very very slow IMO no matter which/how many GPUs you throw at it. But it might be user error: none of us can really figure out how to get a decent render out of it. Disclaimer: what we call ‘decent’ is what some other people call ‘superb’. So your expectations/results might be different than ours.

I think that if you do a ton of rendering improving your GPU progressive rendering speed makes sense. However, if you spend a lot of time modeling and dealing with large files, your real-time viewport speed might be your priority here. In other words: who cares if a 4K GPU rendering takes 40 seconds (2x 1080ti) or 55 seconds (1x 2080ti)? If the 2080ti gives you better large model performance in your viewport in real-time. If I try to ti le a model and it does not do it in real-time with a high frame rate, my attention span, productivity and fun is completely killed. But maybe it’s just me.

Also with better video cards we crank out the real-time GL viewports values to the highest and for most of our work (daily progress updates) we don’t even render, we just use the Shaded/Ghosted/Rendered viewport display.

Also don’t forget about VR: RTX is a massive improvement over the last year model.

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That’s correct, the Windows 10 Pro that I got as an upgrade to Windows 7 Pro is tied to the motherboard ID and can’t be transferred to another PC or different motherboard. But I’m not sure about that part…

OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows operating system

… because I directly upgraded two machines that had Windows 7 Pro on both and everything went smoothly. I simply went to the Microsoft’s website and downloaded a program called “Media creation tool” from there, then it connected to the Microsoft servers and automatically downloaded Windows 10. Once I entered the license key, the program recognized my current OS and informed me that it will install Windows 10 Pro, whereas my Windows 7 Pro will be moved to another folder called “Windows.old”. It took about 45 minutes for the entire operation, and 3 restarts, because Windows 10 Pro also installed the most recent updates (they are optional).

I started to use V-Ray GPU rendering for production a few months before and I’m quite happy about speed and quality. OK, there are some shortcomings, but for most issues I found workarounds. I render a lot of complex train/ air plane interiors and product design. Most I use 2x2080ti and one 1080ti. If the scene is very heavy, than I use only the 2x2080ti to keep the display use per 1080ti stable. I’m impressed what kind of complex models can be rendered. The last VfR updates was big step forwards. For me it looks like V-Ray GPU rendering is treated as production engine.

I like the large set of tools and effects which are provided by V-Ray and the interactive rendering works very nice too. So, scene setups can be much faster done. OK, not all CPU features are running, but it are quite a lot and my impression was it are more than per Octane. For example V-Ray support Rhino lights, which I like a lot for interiors instead to fiddle around with emitters only.

I didn’t test NVlink at the last updates, but some weeks before it wasn’t working for VfR. If it will work, than the 2080ti would allow to use ~22GB memory. So, if someone plan to buy a new cards this could be considered too. The 1080 doesn’t support NVlink.
Also chaosgroup is working on RTX support, which could multiply the speed by factor 1.5. So, I would prefer a 2080 before a 1080 again.

Sidenote: Windows 7 can be upgraded to Win10 for free. Also old OS serial numbers can be used for installing a free clean upgrade, so far I have read at the web last.

There was a workaround that needs to be done as far as I know, but this article says it’s no longer possible. Here's how to get Windows 10 for free -- until Dec. 31 - CNET

Not official, but it should work, MS doesn’t stopped the free upgrade. Look for “windows upgrade assistant”. I found some german sides who tell it’s still possible. Also the old serials should work.

@PeterB why didn’t you go with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2nd gen cpu? 16 core or 24 or 32?

Thanks for your opinion.

Hi there.
Is that weblink reliable for purchased? or its a scam? I found that Windows and Office license inside that website have a low price compared to the rest of my country. Can you explain why?