Rhino 5/ 6 with Vray Hardware options

Hey guys!

I work as an industrial designer building, rendering and modeling almost entirely in RHINO 5/6 with the new Vray plugin. My system now is pretty old, and I need to upgrade. The specs:

Intel® Core™ i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 8 gigs of ram :frowning: SSD Windows 10

This system is so slow for rendering larger stills and running the new Vray RT function, which is super handy for getting previews.

Anyone have any advice for building a new system for specifically this software platform? I’m down for starting over and moving this thing to a shop computer.

Thanks for the help!

https://appsync.biz/speed-test/ https://appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder/

CPU - intel 7820x / 8700K / 9900K (mid-high budget cpus)
RAM - As much as your can by (32GB min)
GPU - nvidias GTX 1070ti / 1080 / 1080ti / TitanXP / P2000 / P4000 (choose cuda for GPU rendering and loose viewport performance or OpenGL Quadro for Viewport heavy parts and meshes performance and loose Cudas)
MOBO - Asus / AsRock / MSI (just pick your cpu chip and choose one brand with good support RMA)
PSU - (do the math, for example here:

Case - Pick one with a good airflow (NZXT / Corsair / Fractal / LianLi ). Personaly i dont like to mixe Water with Electricity (but you choose the right one for you)

MONITOR: 2 external screens (24" minimum + FHD standard minimum + DP connections). Brand is what you like since almost screen are made from LG…But you can get great DELL Ultrasharp ones for nice prices and well built materials and performance as well.

Have you had any experience rendering with GeForce RTX 2080 and it failing?
I’m currently running that and it is not working

GTX RTX new GPUs are not stable yet for all softwares. You have to wait, almost an year for softwares update their GPU instructions. Because of that RTX came to soon on the market. They are one step further compared to software. Even in Games. There are only 1 Games that utilize RTX ray traycing. Only one! And it is not full stable yet

Same here with a 2060, have you gotten it to work yet?..

sorry for offtopic,…

I have gotten it to work but I’ve been working more with vray mesh lights.
There is some materials that GPU rendering will just make the rendering crash.
I also added more memory to my computer in order for it to not max out.
I had a theory at one point that 2060 just needed more memory than my tower had and it seemed to help.

Hmmm, for some reason i cant even get it to start, then again, ive only had the card since a few days and havent really gotten to figuring everything out yet,…