NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 and i9-9900K Prozessor

I have a Question: how doesRhino 6 and 5 perform on a Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Prozessor der 9. Generation (8 Kerne, 16 MB Cache, bis zu 5,0 GHz mit Turbo Boost) witch is overclockable and a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 8GB GDDR6
Are there any negative user experience with these new Core i9 Prozessor and the RTX graphic cards ?

This is strong hardware, but also don’t forget investing in other good parts. A computer is as fast as its weakest part. This is quite expensive hardware, in case the pricetag is a matter, you really don‘t need so much power. Same with a fast car for the daily travel to work. If you encounter performance issues then almost always its a matter of too heavy data and bad workflows/algorithms. Excluding rendering here…

The 9900K is really overkill for Rhino. It’s really a crank up the overclock gaming cpu. The Ryzen 3700x is also 8 cores for around $150 less.

I always buy used GPUs. Get a used 1080ti it has 11GB.

I am not building a workstation.The core i9-9900K and the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 are in a gaming desktop replacement Laptop from Alieware and they don´t offer any other Prozessors that the core i9 or core i7 and they are both overclockable. I know it is not good to overclock the Laptop while working on Rhino or V-ray they both have performance issus then.
but I do VFX and video editing and Rhino or grasshopper and not the only softwares I use.
I don´t gravitate towards AMD Ryzen Prozessors because they are very powerfull but they perform good when I would use octane renderer because it use core power to render.I use 90% of the V-ray and V-ray,how I know, performs better on Intel prozessors like the CUDA rendering option. I am just asking because Alienware/Dell send me my Laptop and it had Problems Opening 3d Models like in every Program from Archiad, Rhino, 3ds max, Maya,blender…the Models were not a big data and I didn´t overclock the laptop while doing that. The tech support team from Alienware looked up the System Requirements for every software and have said it should work fine on this Laptop. in the End after trying to reinstall windows 10 from a USB stick and downloading all the treibers new I had the same issue and they said it is a hardware Problem. I had to send the laptop back and now I am wating for a new one to arrive. Anyways just asking if someone had a similar negative experience who uses this kind of intel Prozzesor and RTX graphic card?

What sort of trouble were you having exactly? The hardware is fine, it’s not the absolute best bang-for-the-buck you can get but you can’t really get much faster.