New build for Rhino 6 and Vray3.6

I’m building a new workstation for myself for future use. Currently I use the dell precision mobile workstations m6800. It has served me well. But I need a faster rendering times better movements around detailed interior models.
So I have decided on the following configuration:
CPU- AMD Threadripper 2990Wx 32-64 cores 3/4.2ghz
Graphics- nvidia gtx 2080ti or 2070
RAM- 32 gb 2666 mhz non ecc
HDD- 2.5” SSD
2TB 7200rpm seagate x 2 (raid 0 config)
What specs Needs alterations any suggestions- is there a better hardware that is cheaper and will perform better/same? Any advice is appreciated.

Mr A.

Will be nice to know how well Rhino runs on this, also for instance as CPU render device (with say 60 threads) for the Raytraced mode in v6.

I understand-but would it be better to buy 1080ti or the new 20280ti RTX cards. Which has raytracing cores. Or should I go with a quadro for detail models?

Mr A.

We don’t have any experience with these cards yet, so we can’t tell how well they work. I’d guess the raytracing cores want some custom code, but I really don’t know. I’d also guess those raytracing cores don’t have much impact on the normal display modes of Rhino.

if you spend so much money, then don’t put 2.5 inch SATA SSDs or old spinning HDDs into your system.
Threadripper motherboards have plenty of PCIe lanes for M.2 wired directly to the CPU to get the full 4x3.0 speed. Anything other than an NVMe SSD would be a bottleneck for the rest of your system. Even scary-RAIDing two HDDs won’t help. Rhino writes lots of backup files and other temp stuff very frequently, so whenever this happens you would curse at anything that is not a PCIe SSD. NAND has finally dropped in price and you can get a 1TB or 2TB Samsung 970 EVO for a decent price now. put two or more onto your motherboard and you won’t even have to mess with cables.

also are you sure you need ECC memory? RAM is very expensive at the moment. for performance non-ECC RAM with higher clocks and tight timings would be a better choice. Threadrippers IPC performance benefits from it.