Roundhole should ignore the Cplane

I recall this problem early on with V4 or V5 as well. Roundhole should always create holes normal to the surface that is selected, not in the active Cplane.



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There is the “Direction” option that you can set to SrfNormal to achieve what you are after.

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Hi Rajaa,

Yes, you are correct. My apologies. I guess at one point in time I must have set that and then totally forgot that that was an option.

Thanks for the reminder,


I also have encountered a problem with RoundHole.

I am creating blind drilled holes in a surface. RoundHole allows for DrillPointAngle but ignores it and creates a squared off hole.

It shows the drill point angle in the construction form, but once placed, the created hole has a square bottom.

After adding the picture, I proceeded to add a truncated cone to the bottom of the hole to properly depict a drilled hole. When I used union to combine the 2 solids, it removed the truncated cone. I had to remove the common faces and then Join.

Hi Robert - so far I am not able to reproduce this - do you see the drill point angle in the preview, or not at all?


In the preview.

I am running BETA (6.0.17332.10241, 11/28/2017)


Hi Robert - can you post or send to the actual object you’ve got when this happens? Does it happen in any file?



Now I can’t get it to do it either. Must have been a Gremlin.

The only evidence I now have of it is the screen dump I posted with my post. Showing the construction preview and the resulting hole.

What was weird was that when I added a truncated cone to the end of the (apparently) squared off hole, then unioned the two together, the truncated cone disappeared. I had to remove the coincident faces between the hole and the cone and join.

I will continue to play with it and if I can get it to reproduce, I’ll let you know.

Best Regards,

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