Roubo workbench


Nice job. It would be fun to see more of the joinery. Did you actually model your Handles in Rhino? Well done if so.
Actually… It reminds me of a project that I was working on a while ago that I never finished. Replicating a Moravian workbench. Similar to your design but slightly different. It is still missing some things as you can see. :wink:


wonderful!! I’d love to have that in my shop!

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Thanks Ryan. This bench is my dream, but unfortunately to date I don’t have the opportunity to buy or build it and so at least I build it virtually waiting for better times.

You can see something here

The two-wheelers were designed by @lucio_zadra


Looks like Benchcrafted vises on the Benchcrafted split-top bench design.

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Yes it is.