Model this!... if you want to ;-)

I had a quick go at this last night but wasn’t getting the creased section right between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ surfaces (most evident in the side view)… or, when the crease was good, the other areas of the surfaces suffered… if anyone wants to have a go at it, here are top/front/side views… (legs aren’t necessary unless you want to do those too.)… for scale, i believe it’s about 17" wide at the widest part… thx.

Hi Jeff - it looks like a ‘loose’ loft from that perimeter line inward might be one way out - using copies of a clean outer curve scaled and positioned. I’ll have a try later if nothing else comes to mind.


ah… yeah… i was going at it completely different… like this:

…and it wasn’t working out…

it’s just a side/personal project so i can’t really try another approach today but i’ll be able to work on it some tonight… i’ll try your suggestion then.

subd in the wip of v7 will get you there pretty easily.

sub_d.3dm (283.1 KB)


what? i’m confused…

i originally went at it as a mesh:
(well, modification of a different mesh model)

…but i don’t like the mesh for what i plan on doing downstream in order to carve it… (plus my mesh is lumpy in spots)

i thought your model would be similar but it’s not a mesh?

for some reason, i though SubD was a meshing thing in Rhino but after looking at your model, it’s not… is it like TSplines or similar?

in v7 if you take your mesh and then run the tosubd command it will convert it into a sub d (like tsplines) then you can run the tonurbs command and convert it to nurbs…

also there is a quadremesher that allows you to take a unorganized triangle mesh and quad it, then sub d it ,then nurbs it…

collective gasp<

yep…it’s happening folks…v7 is shaping up to be really really cool.

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wow… awesome

i don’t have v7 since i’m on Mac but i’ll check out more in depth the subD stuff in the Mac beta to see how far along it is.

Awesome @theoutside! I’m just wondering how you created that mesh in the first place?

And how come the subd command knows you want a sharp edge in A and not in B? (see image below) I know there’s the creases setting but I think I don’t fully understand when it creates that crease and when not.

Did you model this using sub-object modeling on a mesh similar to how you would model in 3ds Max?

it appears all this stuff is in the MacBeta (V6) beta… and working!

hmm… maybe not all of it… for instance, Crease is not a recognized command on Mac right now though i believe it is in V7 WIP

Yes, and that should be only a few weeks away from being available to you on the Mac… :]