Modeling a bike

i am sure i will have problems so maybe its nice to do the work in progress here

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nice !

the finish the main pipes

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just some more pipe so i learn a lot and if you do it a lot you get it in your fingers
by the way i did the tween Curve command just for some practice i understand what it is now… but i really like to
know some example where you can use it for
greetings Peter

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at the moment i have some small problems with the saddle the problem is i want to merge the surfaces togrther on a smooth way but ??? maybe somweone can put me in the right direction i think the result is not so bad but i think this is just luck i really do’n know what i have doe -:frowning:

oke i just did the job i have learn a lot piping it was a good exercise


Really nice!

As a fellow ‘dutchman’ I can truly appreciate this ‘Oma Fiets’