Can someone help me model this?

I have been having a really hard time modeling this. I was able to get close but it is not air tight. Can someone please help?

Here is a picture of it and here is the closest I could get to the shape but not airtight.

Quick fix… I think it’ll work…maybe bottom might not be so flat…

Trim off the red area.
mirror at the blue
blendsrf with chained edges.

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Hi There,
I had a quick go at it. Not remotely to spec, but found that adding a profile in the middle and using curve network
worked. Wouldn’t shell properly, so, just built a smaller version, trimmed and capped. Somehow or other, was closed and valid. . .I was shocked.

Hope that helps,

Oops, looks like this isn’t actually the right form … . well, no wonder it worked. . . .:roll_eyes:

I don’t have in accordance with the drawings of the size for precise modeling, only a form of the reference image for modeling.

I use a R6 subdivision modeling, and then using ToNurbs commands into NURBS, attached file for your reference.

Entler Base(R6).3dm (1.2 MB)

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Wow it looks just like it!! But I have no idea how you did it, your description doesn’t comprehend to me. Are those Rhino commands? Also I wasn’t able to open your Rhino 6 file because I have Rhino 5 :-(. Are you able to save it as Rhino 5 for me? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!

I did that but it has a bit of a seem…

@clement What do you think about this one?? I cut it in half smaller than the center axis and tried blendsrf both sides but it has a seem.

@sh1tara, can you post the file, preferably the one which was not splitted in 2 halfes yet ?


Do you mean between the two chimneys?
In blendsrf there is add shape option, I think, that allows better control of surface at each location.
That may help. I hope that helps.

You can also try keeping the surface to a point you like by trimming then sweep2 might work.
As below:
Trim off the yellow part, sweep2 using blue as rails and green as cross sections.
Tangecy or curvature depending on which outcome is better. I wish they had control handles on them…
Maintain height check/uncheck also impacts to the shape so maybe trying out might be good.

Maybe the green can be cut right at the border of bottom surface.

BASE 2 FIX.3dm (373.9 KB)

@sh1tara, just make sure the 2 chimneys are each joinable to the revolved part before splitting them in the middle. Then it is just required to place the seams and make room for a new blend surface which connects the chimneys. I did this by trimming in TOP view with the 2 red curves.

Then the gap was closed with _BlendSrf, the shorter sides where pulled to the revolved part using _MatchSrf.

BASE 2 FIX_c.3dm (241.4 KB)

Btw, the dimension you’re modeling with cannot be right, your part is 8mm wide.