Bicycle frame - started with multipipe

Organic, but not too soft, combined with soft edges - how well can this be checked?

Work in process

step 1

step 2


Well, this looks really cool! But I’d probably use good old surfacing techniques for this one to get a more controlled/defined surface. Plus, this looks challenging and really fun to work, perfect for Rhino :grinning:

It is an excellent, modern and solid bice frame!

Thank you.
My ambition is to make things beautiful without forgetting the functional requirements. Important details are still missing here. It is a serious SubD exercise. A complete full suspension bike is more than design. … :wink:

With nurbs modelling, you have to forward planning very well. It is less flexible. Freeform surfaces with smooth transitions in all directions are a challenge. You can’t always build theoretical edges first.

It would be nice to have even better control with SubD. Drag strength (gumball) is a very useful function for fine moving control points - both with Nurbs and SubD.
Not everything can be created with 4-sided subd surfaces. There are areas with few detail and some with a lot of detail. There are also details that do not run in the main direction of the edges. You have to integrate these seamlessly into the surface network. In these frames such details are missing at the moment

You can create a high-quality sketch with SubD and then build on it with nurbs. Replacing is probably not possible.

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Many thanks Sciensman for your assessment.

I like beautiful carbon frames. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome!! please update as the project progresses! Great work!

If you are using v8 wip, please give a try to the commands

sharp, selsharpedges, and showedges (set to all edges, which will show sharpened edges)

what be checked?

Thanks Kyle.
Even if I don’t have the resources now to build a completely realistic bike respectively construct it correctly, I will continue to model.

  • details for attaching the rear end
  • rear end (multi-link suspension)
  • saddle (at the moment still no volume body)
  • let’s see: a seat post, a crank, a stem-handlebar combination, … A bike has a lot of parts. You also need the dimensions for this. :wink:
    I am primarily interested for building finely elaborated, flowing shapes with Subd.

Means sharp edges the same how crease edges in Rhino7? I didn’t use crease wrinkles in the moment because I would like to have small rounded edge in Subd.

I haven’t installed WIP 8 yet. But I would like to try the V8 UV editor soon.
Is the range of function of SubD in WIP 8 inproved significantly?

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I mean, how well succeed to build the desired shape with Subd.
How good can controll the points. So that the shape has beautiful and precise curves and surfaces-continuity, without shaky, bumpy areas and without simplifications.

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the sharp command in the v8 wip will be useful for this project, which is coming along beautifully!

It all depends on how well the flowlines can follow the design intent.

And you can use curvature graph analysis and zebra map type analysis etc.

It brings a bright smile to my face :slight_smile: Sharp: transition from sharp to smooth
It’s so nice and useful function.

from 90% >> 0%


Hi, interesting and nice case for SubD!
I didn’t know about sharp command, in which wip version appeared.
I cannot find it… if I type sharp it says unknown command… I could find _selsharpedges, but it seems useless without pre-assigned edges.

v8 latest release

I’m sorry, I didn’t mention it, I have 8.0.23059.12305, 2023-02-28, if there is anything newer I can’t see the update available.

Maybe you need switch over to the “service release candidate” branch:

Thanks @lemberski , but apparently this is an option for V7 but not for wip’s. I’m not sure why but sometimes at least in Argentina we don’t see the published updates immediately (link), but later I can see them.
Anyway I can always use the Rhino’s page to download directly wip download

Strange, my R8 WIP has a “release candidate” setting, but I don’t know if that makes any difference for a WIP which is being updated every week.

It doesn’t have any impact on which updates you get; we never release WIP release candidates.