Rotating viewport

I am having trouble figuring out how to rotate the view shown. I just need to rotate at the circled point, to make the deck flat to the line that is high lighted.

When ever I rotate, it does it in the wrong axis. Up, Down, Left , Right do not work they way I need it to. I just need it to pitch down parallel to the highlighted line. I don’t know why this is so difficult.

Hello- TiltView may be what you are after? Or, possibly set a Cplane: CPlane command, > 3Points and then use the Plan command - that way you can get some precision in snapping the three points. Note if you want the new CPlane to stay parallel to the current one, use Project on the OSnaps. Make sure to save a NamedCPlane so you can get it back any time.


Tilt view is perfect. Didn’t know that one existed. Cplanes still confuse me for some reason. Is there a good resource that you could point to for better explanations on how to use Cplanes? Most of what the info on the McNeel site just doesn’t click for me, just ends up being gibberish in my head.
Thank you Pascal.

If I understand correctly, I think you need to use “rotate 3D” around an axis perpendicular to the circle but not aligned with the X or Y axis of rhino, maybe this is why doesn’t work in other views.

Try to set the axis between A and B points.

Sorry if it’s not the problem!

No, the problem was me not knowing how to use cplanes properly to get the viewport to rotate the way i wanted. But tilt view worked, got me where i needed to go.