Help: rotating clipping planes

Hello, slight newbie Q here-- I have previously been able to model this in Rhino, but now for some reason I cannot- as per the file below I do some “Hoops” drawings on clipping planes (using 3 planes together; long story why, but it worked fine until lately), which normally are vertical, but sometimes I want to rotate them (and the clipping planes I initially use to draw them on) to match something I’m tracing. However now I am unable to properly rotate the clipping planes, e.g. to match (in Right viewport) the slanted blue line currently intersecting with the “smaller clipping planes” in the file. They either rotate completely the wrong way (e.g. with Transform> rotate), or go nowhere at all (e.g. with Transform > rotate 3D). I am baffled at why but it must be some silly mistake I’m making.

rhino7modelhelp1.3dm (79.8 KB)

Hm - no trouble rotating these here, so far - but, in that view the view is parallel to the Cplane - that might be messing you up - you’ll want to set the Cplane to World Top.


Thank you, yes that is what I am missing!!

Hi, I have a related problem, likely with a similar simple solution. I’ve drawn a polygon onto this clipping plane in Front viewport, but then it disappears there and cannot be manipulated (e.g. control point Transform> Scale etc.) in that viewport.

rhinoCPhelp2.3dm (83.3 KB)

Hi -
When I open that file here, the Front viewport looks like this (with the blue layers turned off, the display mode set to Wireframe, and a few points of the polygon selected):

The polygon is visible and points can be moved, etc. so I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be working on your end.

As you see in my picture, the view isn’t aligned with the CPlane in that view and RMB-dragging will tumble the view instead of panning as one would expect in a regular “Right” view. Zoom Extend will at least center on the objects but you might want to consider running CPlane > Object and then select the clipping plane. Then use the Plan command to align the view with the CPlane. That should make things more manageable.

Thank you, I can see how that this solves things in the simplified file I sent, but not the more complex main file I’m working on. Is there someone I can send this to confidentially for advice?

Hello - you can send file to; please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


Thank you Pascal, I’ll do that.