Suggestion for Rotating Viewports in Rhino 6


I just wanted to make a suggestion for Rhino 6, if you’ll have the spare time to add any new features or consider any further suggestions!

One feature of Bently software that I’ve seen used in interesting and useful ways is the option to set up viewports and to rotate them them in alighnment to other objects or references. For people drafting and modelling within the same file this can be a useful and enjoyable feature/interface option.

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I think you’ll have to explain a bit more. How would that be different from ZoomSelected?

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Hi, Thanks!

Not quite ‘ZoomSelected’, more like ‘Orient by 3pts’ command but for orienting the viewport and not an element.

somethin like this:

There might already be a way of doing this? I can rotate the viewport command with the arrow keys and adjust my incremental settings for accuracy and set up my named Views to work this way, but it could also be useful to be able to snap a viewport to align with an element, or a C-plane? Thee is already a ‘set c-plane to view’ command, so I guess I mean a ‘set view to c-plane or object’ command.

How about using CPlane command with either Object or 3Points option, then typing _Plan command to align your vport? Does that do the trick?


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YES! Thank you very much Jarek, much appreciated.

I thought that there would already be a way to do this in Rhino considering the quality and usablity of the software and the interface. I didn’t know of the ‘plan’ command…
…this is a very helpful forum.


Hi Bilal,

Another option: try _OrientCameraToSrf - this one just lets you look perpendicular to face normal. Depends what you need, this may be quicker just to evaluate your model. For modeling / drafting, the 1st option is better.




Thanks again Jarek,

That’s what i was doing previously, the first suggestion is the one!