Rotate model with 3d mouse not working

The device -SpaceMouse Pro Wireless- works well in another cad another program but not in Rhino.

The vid shows the results in SU and then R

I had set some c-plane views to a series of buttons on the device and while they execute the command, there’s several seconds flickering of the view menu as well as the help screen before it settles. During that time the model cannot be manipulated without jumping up and down.

Also, the list of buttons on the preferences pane for the 3d connexion do not show up on any of the buttons pressed on the device except for button 1. The device has 15 programmable buttons.

I don’t have this exact device here to test but it might be a driver issue. Do you know if you have installed one specifically for this device from the manufacturer that is for OSX.

I fussed with the thing for an hour sunday. Reinstalled the driver. Reset the device. For awhile it was working using the world-veiw commands, but then that failed. Opening the pref panel for 3d connexion(in Rhino), there’s a list of buttons that should be highlighted when the corresponding button on the device is pressed, however this only worked briefly, and then only the first on the list continued showed any connection. It seems to be a driver issue as you suspect. The device is working well with my SU program however, so I think it may be app-specific. I don’t think the 3D connexion folks are up to speed on the Mac version of R. I’ve contacted them regarding this issue.

Short answer: Rhino for Mac supports only the SpaceNavigator, not other 3DConnexion devices. This is stated in the System Requirements section of the Rhino for Mac home page, Rhino for Mac wiki page and also in Frequently Asked Questions reachable from the Rhino for Mac Help menu. To be exact, these notes do not explicitly name the SpaceMouse (perhaps this is a new device), but the notes do point out only the SpaceNavigator is supported.

Longer answer: When 3DConnexion started introducing devices after the SpaceNavigator, they decided to take over the device interface development in each 3D CAD program. 3DConnexion now writes the interface software for Rhino for Windows and other CAD programs for all their devices. Rhino for Mac is not a released product and does not have a published SDK that companies like 3DConnexion can use to write device plug-ins. 3DConnexion does not publish enough information for us to support their newer devices, and we do not publish enough information for Rhino for Mac for 3DConnexion to take over the device interface development, so only the SpaceNavigator can be supported in Rhino for Mac at this time.

As far as the number of buttons supported, in the past some enterprising 3DConnexion device owners found that they could fiddle with with System Preferences for their device and get more buttons working. I don’t know what they did. Perhaps that unintentional capability has been removed by 3DConnexion and no longer works.

I see. So, it’ll be awhile before I can make use of this thing. Thanks for the info.