3Dconnexion/Rhino issue

This is the second posting I’ve done on this issue, but I’m kind of asking a different question (I think).

My 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse has ceased to function correctly in Rhino since it crashed the Mac while using Rhino. The SpaceMouse works fine in the 3Dconnexion App and in Fusion 360 (which I’m currently working in, I didn’t realise how much I depend on the SpaceMouse!) but not in Rhino. Assuming that some part of rhino has become corrupted, I’ve deleted all versions from the Mac, then rebooted the machine. I did the same for the 3Dconnexion software as well, just to be safe.

Not a sausage, no difference at all. What am I doing wrong? I suspected that it wasn’t going to have fixed the issue when it didn’t ask me for my license key, and that it also came up with my last drawing at the top of the list.

If any one could give some guidance I’d be very grateful, because at the moment I’m finding using Rhino without the SpaceMouse so clunky (I keep reaching for it!) that I find Fusion 360 better to use, and 360 has always been something I’ve found to be lacking.

Try to verify that you have installed only one version of the driver.
Then go to the Rhino settings (cmd,) and check if and to which button on the 3D mouse corresponds to the button 1. By pressing the buttons, the "button 1 on the settings should light up yellow.
If the problem persists, create a guest account, install Rhino and the Connexion 3D drivers and try again.


thanks for your swift response.

I did as you suggested, to be certain I used 3Dconnexions utility to remove the driver, after that none of the 3Dconnexion utilities would function. I then rebooted, reinstalled the driver and it still only moved the view in the X,Y and Z plane, but not rotate around each axis when in Rhino (It would in Fusion 360 and the 3Dconnexion App), I then created a new Guest Account as you suggested, installed Rhino and the 3Dconnexion driver and it then functions correctly.

I’m guessing this backs up my theory that the problem is in Rhino. How do I uninstall Rhino in a way that upon reinstallation it does it a fresh, and not have any of the corrupted parts?



Try to see if this helps (specifically removing the .plist preferences file).



thanks again for the reply.

I had a look at the topic, but couldn’t see a reference to a .plist file, I will go back and look at it again in case I’m being a bit blind.

I’ve found all the .Plist files (I assume) but none mention Rhino or 3Dconnexion, which one is it I should be deleting?

I believe you are on the right track, as if I start the second version of Rhino from my usual login, I still have the same problem. So my blaming Rhino was wrong.

Once again thanks for your help.


The .plist files are located in the Library> Preferences> com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist


sorry, I think I’m wasting your time. I must be looking in the wrong place, but this is all I get.

Thanks for your help, but I think I’ll give up at this point. I’m managing to get what I need done in Fusion, so I think I should just get on with it really.



The default Rhino 3DConnexion preference settings is to have the “Allow Tilt” check box checked (“Consenti inclinazione” in the 3DConnexion screen shot above), and the other check boxes unchecked.

What checkboxes do you have checked in your normal login account? What checkboxes do you have checked in the Guest log in account? They are probably different.


thanks for the suggestion. The “Allow Tilt” box is the only one selected (In both login versions). I did go through trying different combinations of options in the preferences page just in case they had changed after the crash, but without luck.



3DConnexion installs a preference panel in System Preferences and it has a large number of settings, and includes the capability of changing settings for specific applications. These 3DConnexion settings are also specific to the logged in user. If you switch to another login, the settings can be different.

I believe you have customized 3DConnexion settings somewhere in the 3DConnexion System Preferences for your login that are different from the Guest User (default) settings.


Thanks for your reply.

I had a look at the settings of the axis motions and they all seemed to match and make sense. Out of curiosity I decided to change one of the rotation actions for the 3D Mouse from tilt backwards to Mouse Left, and it sprang into life!

I can only assume that what this did was to rewrite the .plist file that Zsimon suggested may have become corrupted post crash.

What I would like to know is where the .plist files associated with the 3D mouse (and Rhino) are kept. I found the Apple ones and a few for other apps, but not many. Any clues where I should look?

What is McNeels position on supporting 3Dconnexions products? I seem to remember reading that you only support one of their products, and I didn’t think it was one they made anymore.

Once again, thanks for the help.

This is a 3DConnexion setting in System Preferences, not a Rhino setting.

No, the .plist mentioned contains the Rhino settings, not 3DConnexion settings controlled by System Preferences.


I do not know where 3DConnexion keeps its System Preferences settings.