3d Connexion settings

Hello all,

I have 2 3D connexion products and neither of them is working properly in Rhino. The Cad Mouse and the Spacemouse Wireless. Anyone in Rhino 5 for Mac having any luck getting these to work as advertised?

This might be useful for the Spacemouse:

I don’t think the CAD mouse is supported.

Hi Richard
I used the Space Mouse Pro successfully on Rhino Mac for about 1 year (previously I used SpaceNavigator). What problems are you encountering?

My configuration with Rhino (of course, each one customizes the buttons according to their needs)

Hi Simon,

Well after playing around a bit, I was able to get the Spacemouse Wireless to work but the buttons on the CAD mouse are not all functioning regardless of their settings? I cannot get the 3rd button to do anything or the mousewheel either?

Thanks for you time!



I do not use the CAD mouse, but what I see here http://www.3dconnexion.it/operatingsystems Rhino is not supported (Windows and Mac) In particular, QuickZoom works only with Onshape.