Room Boundary to Wall Center

Hi everyone,

I have added rooms to my project and set room calculation to “Wall Core Centerline”.

So room are adjacent to each other. But when i get their geometry in Grasshopper, they show up like this.

how can i change the location line where Rhino creates Room geometry? I have seen this post but it is a custom node. Did this node make into final version?

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Not yet. Try using the custom python node and let me know if you see any errors.

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Any updates on Spatial Element nodes?

Hey there, the following post worked for me! I just had to feed in the type I was looking for :slight_smile:

Hope this helps anyone

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Yes, I use that too. But its a python component. We need more native spatial components.

Now on Daily Build Rooms and Spaces are converted to Brep and Surfaces.




More components about Spatial Elements will come on next release.

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Great to hear more Spatial Elements components are coming @kike.
One thing I realize when using Room primitive, Room Area/Volume computations are set as Wall Center by default. I am sure you’ll add more details in the future. Below floor’s boundary is set using Room-Surface combination.

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

We recently added in v1.7 ‘Spatial Element Boundary’ component.

And ‘Spatial Element Geometry’ both with the ability to know bounding elements.


I have started using latest spatial nodes. I think it would be great to receive Element Boundary as Polyline Curve instead of Line-like curve. Maybe making it optional would make things a lot easier. Otherwise I’ll have to spend some time to make branch structure correct for Element Creation nodes (Add Floor, Add Ceiling etc.).

Instead of this👇:

Something like this👇:


I agree, all the gymnastics are two components but is convenient to have a precooked output like ‘Spatial Element Geometry’ already does.

Now ‘Boundary’ is what you are looking for and ‘Segments’ still returns each segment synchronized with the ‘Elements’ output.

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This works great! Thanks @kike

@kike and @Japhy where is that component? sorry, I was out for a while I must have missed these updates.
I also have one question about the brep manifold join, is that still being developed? the concept of having almost coplanar boundaries be pulled towards each other is great to have. I know Pollination tries to do something similar but you have to manually do some tweaking after when there are bad rooms.
Extracting (15.4 KB)

Hi Archmsyd,

You can find the Spatial Element Geometry here…

Thank you @Japhy I have already included that in my script attached, but still no solution like NonManifold Merge

HI Archmsyd, not quite following, are you asking for a new Grasshopper component based on MergeBreps?