Get Wall/Room/Floor/Roof curves

I’m attempting to create a workflow where I take a fairly developed Revit model and rebuild the spaces with simple breps for things such as Ladybug analysis.

I’m trying to avoid building masses for each room by pulling each Revit ‘room’ (with boundaries set to wall centerline) as a brep. That is easy enough to get with the current RiR setup, but for some reason the geometry cuts out the wall geometry, so to adjoining ‘rooms’ don’t touch. This creates some unclean geometries.


I’ve attempted a few other approaches with Spaces, but it has resulted with similar issues.

I’m guessing this has much to do with how Revit’s API parses and delivers this info.

Is there a way to get the rooms as breps with boundaries at the center of the wall?
Is there a way to get the underlying wall control curve?


Take a look at the example model and definition here. I added a new custom component to help you get the desired spatial element properties

spatial element (402.7 KB)


And by setting this option, the Element.Geometry component will return spatial element geometry that is correctly bound from top and bottom

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Added this to the Wiki

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This is great. I started digging into the Revit API but wasn’t able to put it all together. Thank you!

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Hi! I am currently using the analyze spatial element component. I am wondering if there is any workflow to get room bounding elements?


@keith.chan Please take a look at this:

The example shows how to use the API (GH definition uses python components) to create Area Separation lines and Areas from rhino curves

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please Can you specify which component can help to generate structure area load as per rooms area?

You used logic well to create a new room divider.
However, the warning window appears and it is difficult to use it for work.
Is there a way to handle exceptions using Rhinoinside?

In v1.7 we added some components under Topology panel that may help here.