Room Boundary

Is there a component or method to pull the room boundaries from revit into grasshopper? Ideally, it would be useful to have the boundary represented as a 3D object in order to find if points reside within the room (for example, locating which room an interior elevation marker is placed in)

You can filter elements by ‘Rooms’ category, and get its geometry.

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Thanks for the response. This is exactly what I need, except I do not have the drop down menu when I right click on the Category component. I’m likely missing a basic understanding of this component. Is there a step I’m missing to load geometry into the Categories (very first) component?

We added that menu to the category param component recently.
If you update from here you will have it as well.

Nailed it. Thanks!

Is the ability create room and area geometry in the near term pipeline?

There is a way to get those objects, but not a way to create them in Revit.

Not even sure how you might set a space from scratch.

The truck with spaces and areas is that the categories are hidden by default. So you have to set the hidden flag on the document.categories component.

I know we did a proof of concept so I’ll have Sounok on our team submit a pull request for review.

Hey, what exactly do you mean by “room and area geometry”? You can get all the boundary segments of an Area element, and then have the ability to reconstruct the edge as a nice closed polyline. You can do the access the same information in the Room class. The Room class also provides a useful property called ClosedShell which returns a 3D geometry that represents the room

See this please