Room Boundary Not Closed

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For some rooms, spatial Element Boundary node doesn’t return a closed boundary. This is a common problem I see when dealing with rooms. For some reason, Revit can’t create a Closed curve out of them but can place a room inside of it. Take a look at the below image. Above is a cluster component I created that generates room boundary using the Brep-Place intersection. Gets rooms geometry and intersects it with volume Centerpoint, projects it to the bottom face. Second one is the native node.

As you can see, the first curve returns an open curve when using the native node. Maybe you can fix this in the native node too?

Can you post that example floor? Curious why it’s not returning closed curves.

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

Nice trick!!
What ‘Boundary Location’ are you using?

A problem with that approach is that the Room Brep can not be computed on ‘Core Center’ nor ‘Core Finish’ so in this case I can not apply this trick.

Also the resulting curves parametrization will be arbitrary (start-end).

And there is also an issue with rooms under a Roof that is slanted. In this case the elevation where you intersect the Solid with the plane is not arbitrary, I guess we should use the ‘Computation Height’ of the Room.

I was using Finish Boundary Location. You are definitely correct about all these points :slight_smile: But thankfully most of the rooms I dealt with were regular shaped.

@japhy I’ll send you a DM of the model.

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