RIR Rhino interface not displaying toolbars

Hello all,
I am using RIR for Rhino 8 and I am using now Rhino 8.6 and still have issues with Toolbar addition on Rhino interface inside Revit. When using Rhino 8 independently everything works fine but with RIR if I right click on tab or side tabs to add any toolbar nothing shows up. If I drag out something of toolbar it disappears from Rhino canvas. Not able to snap additional toolbar on to the side screens. I have to reset every time to get the toolbars back in RIR. Kindly assist in solving this.

Hi Asisintel,

We’ll need some additional information to be able to help…


Here are the infos

Thanks, Not seeing the behavior here in a quick test on a fairly similar build. I’m going to install the exact build and see if that shows anything.

Please run SystemInfo in the Rhino command line and post your results.

A couple areas to troubleshoot this…

Monitor Config (are the toolbars shown elsewhere?) Alt+Tab might help here.
Rhino plugin conflicts
Revit plugin conflicts

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I’m leading towards a Rhino plugin conflict.

In Rhino please go to File>Properties>Plugins and disable plugins that do not ship with Rhino for testing purposes. Restarting Rhino (RiR) is required after disabling. Thanks

I did exactly the same steps as you mentioned above, I disabled all the plugins but the issue persists. Still not able to add toolbar tabs

All the above plugin working fine with Rhino 8 stand alone.
Even in RIR with Rhino 7 was working perfectly with all these plugins

Thanks, that is a an easier aspect to troubleshoot than the next.

Let’s look at a possible Revit Addin Conflict.

Can You please guide how to proceed as I am getting confused here now as of what to do next

Certainly. What we are doing is troubleshooting, eliminating possible variables.

To remove Revit addins the quickest way to test is to open a new instance of Rhino.Inside.Revit with no other Revit Addins loaded.

Cntl+Shift on the RiR start button on the Revit Ribbon, as illustrated here…

If that does resolve the toolbar issue then its a process of elimination using the addin posted above.

Yes I did that and the RIR is working fine without plugins as expected

I could see the toolbar panel
If i open it normal way the issue persists

Great, we are getting closer.

What is happening is that when Revit loads plugins it does so in no particular order, if a plugin loads that is using a similar, but typically older version of a .dll then Rhino.Inside.Revit can’t load the latest version.

Updating your Revit Addins or disabling the offending plugin (old enscape? vray?) is the solution.

No enscape vray i have ever used. You can see the list of plugins above. Shall I uninstall plugins and reinstall one by one to see which is creating any error?

Rhino or Revit plugin is the culprit?

Let me Uninstall all the Plugins and check

I finally figured that 3 plugins are creating issues. Revit pollination, D5 render For revit and Climate studio Plugin. One more thing i figured that i am not able to change dot runtime to core sdk. It always remains in .net framework. How to solve it

Rhino opens in Revit memory space, which runs .NetFramework (pre-2025), so NETCore is not available in Rhino.Inside.Revit

@Japhy Will that be causing issues with Rhino plugins as mentioned above? Uninstalling these three plugins, RIR woks seamlessly! What shall i do now?

Are your workflows dependent on using these at the same time as Rhino.Inside.Revit?

Climate studio and Revit pollination is most important. The thing is if I disble plugin from options still the issue persists. It works only when I unistall those plugins.