Right Mouse Button Rotate

I have somehow accidentally changed or disabled my Right Mouse Button = rotate view. Now my RMB only pans, and I have to hold “shift+ctl+RMB” to rotate. This is annoying, because I am so used to the other way, and I find it much more intuitive. How do I change my settings back?

I have tried all the different options in the settings window, but nothing seems to change.


Hi Siri - un-check the ‘manipulate view’ setting for the middle mouse button. Any luck?


Hi Pascal,

I have tried that, to no avail.

Well- in parallel views that are plan to the Cplane, you only get to pan - use Ctrl-Shift to unlock the plan view and tumbling is allowed. It should work in perspective views though.


Yes, I thought that might have been the problem (that I had accidentally tumbled an ortho viewport) but that is not the case. I have reset my viewports, and in the perspective viewport, I am not able to rotate using just the RMB. I have to hold “shift+ctl+RMB”… and it’s tripping up my workflow. :(pensive:

PASCAL I am >insert unflattering adjective<.

I had “parallel” rather than “perspective” checked in “viewport properties”. How silly. Sorry.

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OK, I’m glad that’s sorted!


Hi Pascal! what if my Rhino 5 not unlock the plan view after i use Ctrl+Shift, rmb still only can Pan unless i hold Ctrl+Shift. Please help, thank!

Hello- most likely you have, in Options > View page, set the option for ‘Always pan parallel views’.