I lost MMB = Pan, RMB = Rotate

At some point in time I could Pan by pressing the Middle Mouse Button and Rotate with the RMB. But now that functionality is somehow lost, and I don’t seem to be able to configure it thattaway using the Tools - Mouse settings. Rhino 5.

What am I missing?

// Rolf

For the MMB:

For the RMB/Rotate, I thought that was pretty much hard coded. In parallel views the default is to pan with the RMB, this can be changed in Options>Views…

If you are unable to set these things, then something went wrong with your install…


Ouch, I should have been more specific. I meant Pan & Rotate in Perspective view with Mouse only (no combination with keyboard’s Alt or Ctrl).

I could navigate so nicely with only the mouse, including zoom by rolling the mouse wheel.

// Rolf

The setting in the first screenshot above should do that - it works here… --Mitch

Ah, unchecking the “Click and drag” option fixed it. When did I tick that check box…? :confounded:

Anyway, thanks. Now I got my life back again.-

// Rolf