Right click button on Rhino Mac

Hello. When I right click in Rhino, this window opens. I’m using Rhino 8. When you right click, I want it to repeat the previous command, but it opens this window.


I have the same issue coming from Rhino for Winows. The right-click menu in Rhino 7 for Mac was even more extensive than the new one.

Just like you I couldn’t find a way to turn this off and now it pretty much slows down my workflow, as I am so used to right-click to repeat.

It really slowed me down, I’m looking for a solution.

Please fix this, just let me right click to repeat the last command.

Hi All - this is getting attention.


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Thank you!!! Maybe an option for a default preference then shift-rightclick does the other one?

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As a Mac user, I wouldn’t like a repeat command with right-clicking.
On the contrary, I’d like it to be right-clicking as rich as it was in Rhino7 for Mac.
I developed a habit of having a menu appearing when right-clicking and I wouldn’t like to accidentally repeat a command, as I use right-click a lot.
Maybe the right-click behaviour could be set by users in Rhino’s settings?


You mean like it was in V7? :roll_eyes:

If there is an adjustment, it would really be great in two usage habits for the right click

Yes bring back right click to repeat its driving me mad , i’ve gone back to V7. At least give us the option to turn this feature on or off ,the mac and windows version are supposed to be getting closer. Imagine the uproar if they took this feature away from windows users.

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Navigate to Rhino 8 > Settings > Mouse > Mouse (tab) > Right mouse button and uncheck Enable context menus.

This is not very discoverable. We plan to fix that:

RH-78395 Right mouse button options should consist of radio buttons and provide additional information about functionality.

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I’ve just installed a new version but checked or no I don’t get anything with the RMB. I keep wanting to transition from 7 but there’s so many of these petty coding mistakes - degradation of the interface and ease of use it’s maddening. All the same I’m obliged to buy the upgrade before the end of the month unless I want to pay and extra 30%.

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Yeah Rhino 8 for Mac isn’t even ready to be called a “beta”.
It’s just a giant bug and it’s very bad coded.

I don’t get how sop many “features” in Rhino 8 are a step back. At least let us opt out.