Right click not expanding command menus

Suddenly, I am unable to expand the visual command menus by hovering and right clicking. (rhino mac) I’ve shut down, restarted, etc., but perhaps this is a bug? It used to work fine. Am I missing something? Anyone with advice would be greatly appreciated!

do you mean the icons?
if so, that’s left-click and hold in order to get the menus.

right-click will activate secondary commands assigned to certain icons… for example, if you left click on the Explode icon, the explode command will run… if you right-click it, ExtractSrf is called.

unless you mean right-click on an icon then get the corresponding palette?

Hi Jeff,

Many thanks for your quick response. It’s the "right click on an icon"
action that is not working. I’ve even reloaded rhino and it still is
malfunctioning. I verified my mouse settings as well.

I really appreciate your input. I’ll call McNeel in the morning, unless
you have an idea what’s gone wrong.


How to right click on mac guide.