Changing the popup menu between icons and text on Mac

Stupid question I’m sure but I just spent the last 30 minutes searching the forum to no avail. How does one switch the popup menu between icons only and list of small icons with the description of the commands?

Bringing up the Popup Pallet from Window --> Active Tool Pallets brings the pallet up as icons but the middle button brings it up as a list. I’d like the middle button to bring it up as a pallet of icons. In the picture below the pallet version is on the left and middle button is one the right.

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Rhino people, anything? Is it not possible to get a middle button popup with icons instead of menus?

you can run this macro from the middle mouse button:

_ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _Visible=_Toggle UnderCursor=Yes AsMenu=No Enter

go Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Mouse-> mouse…

for Middle mouse button, click the button ‘run this macro’.

then type or copy/paste the macro above into the text field…

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Master Hammond,

Once again exactly what I was looking for. Of course now that you’ve dropped it here I recognize it from my prior search. Didn’t connect the dots that this was still the preferred method. Many thanks.