Mac user guide - (discussion thread)

wow- i wasn’t expecting a full-blown mac specific user guide… looking good so far.

not sure if you all are looking for feedback regarding typos/mistakes/clarity but just in case, i’ll put the ones i find in this thread… here’s one–

on mac, it’s Option-Left Click for the secondary command on icons

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All issues are on the table at this point. Another set of eyes is always helpful as we look through this.

Thank you for the feedback,

I scanned through the later chapters and noticed a few unimplempented features are included (work sessions for instance)… so in those regards, it’s tough to tell because there’s no release candidate yet and users aren’t aware of what stuff will go in or be omitted from rhino for mac…

so I’ll just point out any simpler things like I did earlier if I come across any more…

one thing though-- do you think you can find a better ⌘ to use? that one in the PDF looks a bit suspect :slight_smile:

You must know of a better one. Shall I use the one in your post? :wink:

Thank you for all the feedback. I’ll make the corrections as you tell me about them. Some of the unimplemented features got by me, that’s for sure.

What others? I’m sure I missed more.

Hi, Jeff,

That’s only if you only have a one-button mouse. Otherwise, right-click also works. Should I assume that most mac users have only a one-button mouse?

I’m lucky if they have a mouse at all… Most of the time my students come to me with their Mac laptop and just the trackpad… So think about how to execute commands without a mouse as well…
(I keep a spare mouse at my desk, I hate trying to do stuff without…)


on mac, it’s Control+Left click which emulates a right click with a one button mouse.

but that’s not what’s going on in rhino… it’s Option+Left Click which triggers those commands (i.e.- ExtractSrf with the Explode icon)

a mouse right click won’t do it… i assume it can’t do it in osx… @marlin would know for sure.

edit-- but no, i don’t think you should assume most, if any, mac users have one button mice… apple did away with that quite a while ago… even their low end corded mouse has right-click/scroll wheel these days.

Thanks, Mitch. I’ll add that stuff in. Geez. How do people work with just a track pad. All I can do is make Netflix work. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… A mouse right-click works for me on my MacBook Air.

wait, what?

I use logitech mx mice on two computers both using standard apple mouse drivers and a right click will not trigger those commands… nor will a two-finger trackpad click (which is a default context click)

does a two finger trackpad click work for you as well on the air?

and just to be clear that we’re talking about the same thing:

are you saying that, in rhino for mac, you can left click on the trim icon for _Trim and right-click on the same icon and run _Untrim ?

It works with my Logitech Trackman.

well, that’s just strange… i’ve never been able to right click on an icon and get it to do anything…

that aside until marlin maybe chimes in,

@margaret - in the section on Blocks, it mentions the blockEdit command… mac doesn’t have this (yet?) nor the ability to double click on a block to edit it… editing a block is on mac is what i believe v4 was like-- explode it, make the changes, run the _Block command and use the same name again.

Thanks. I’ll mark that out for now.

By the way, I can’t get any Key+left mouse click to run a button command. What kind of mouse do you have?

By default, the alternate command on a tool button is invoked with Option-left click. You can change this to practically any thing you want, including a right click, but the default is Option-left click. Here are the settings in Rhinoceros > Preferences > Tool Palette as originally installed.

You can reset Preferences to the original values with these instructions.

ha… when was the ability to do that added? (probably years ago :slight_smile: )

for whatever reason, i always thought it was hardcoded to option-Left click.
probably stemming back to the old forum and/or the wiki.
(toolbars & palettes)

online guide chapter 1 - Navigating Viewports… (chapter 4 in the pdf)

a CTRL slipped in… :wink:

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What’s up @jeff_hammond? Sorry to bother you - is this a pdf guide? Where is the link??!!
Or should I mouse click smht in the Rhino to access it? I’m confused, sorry. Really wanted to get my hands on that guide… There are some things in not able to figure out on my own.:frowning: Thanks!:slight_smile: