Glass not raytraced

I’m new to Rhino and trying to raytraced colored glass. It’ seem to be working with rendered mode from time to time, but it seems to be buggy. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for help.

Version 8 SR6
(8.6.24101.5001, 2024-04-10)

“Rendered mode” is not ray-traced, it’s OpenGl. “Raytraced” or a Render are raytraced.

Okay thanks for clarification, but any idea why the object is not being displayed (display mode raytraced) as it should? I would expect to have some glass properties…

When using OpenGL with custom material it seems to be working:

How glass looks depends a lot on the environment. Also the IOR of glass is more in the range of 1.5-something. It’s hard to tell anything from just a picture.

Select the object with glass, maybe a couple around it, then export the selection as a new Rhino file and share that here.