Trying out the new raytraced mode in V6. Wanting some quick examples for a client, I have a couple of glass surfaces where I’m getting some ‘speckles’. Any suggestions how to minimise this ? tia :slight_smile:


Just wait longer, need more passes.

this one took nearly 20mins, I don’t use a top of the range workstation but it’s certainly no slouch :slight_smile:
i was hoping it would be slightly quicker than using keyshot for quick examples but at 20mins it’s not proving so, will keep trying and playing, :slight_smile:

Oh, that is disappointing. It looks like the ‘fireflies’ are on the class surface of the microwave door window and perhaps a glass backsplask, I would look at those for some property that makes them slow resolve upon render. Try some simpler materials from the libraries. It is pretty easy to tweak the material properties with stuff that they don’t really need and make them SLOW to render. Good luck.

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yeh they are glass surfaces, hopefully there is a way to iron these out and get something a little cleaner

@milezee how are you lighting your scene?

You could try playing with the advanced settings for sample clamping and filtering. If you use an area light make it bigger.

Points 1, 4 and 6 in that order from https://www.blenderguru.com/articles/7-ways-get-rid-fireflies . I hope the advanced settings are named such that you can figure them out, either go there with Tools » Options > Advanced or use the command RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions.

Multiple Importance Sampling is already enabled, but at the moment there are no commands or settings yet to tweak those further. That will happen sometime in the future.

Hi Nathan, thanks for chipping in. I just tried one of the standard environments, an interior studio one I believe. I didn’t use a surface for an area light at all, would you recommend using an area light ?
I only had a quick play in the office today, but it’s fair to say far better than anything inside of Rhino previously :slight_smile: . I watched the Kyle webinar from last week but I think another shorter tutorial is in order for interior scenes such as this please :slight_smile:

The bundled studios should be fine. The most impact you’ll see from filtering and clamping. For this particular scene I think you could even go for turning off caustics, since the only interesting glass bit is the small jar, further no glass objects that really require caustics - not even the two panes you have in your scene.