RhinoLabKit 6.0

We have a client with RhinoLabKit 6.0.
Vray is not runing with R6.
The school needs to teach both Rhino and Vray

install r5 trial, individually in each machine? na dthen Vray will work?
someone knows when VRay wil be able to run in R6?

tks a lot
hope to have all plug-ins running in R6 ASAP

all the best

Yes, as a reseller, it’s important to inform clients of this fact…

That should probably work. For 90 days. You still need to be able to distribute the V-Ray licenses somehow to the computers.

Only ChaosGroup knows for sure (if they actually do)…


tks a lot. all the best

And what if we want to use Grasshopper, Rhino and V-Ray?

i’m about to install it for the first time in my current office, and were thinking on try the 90-days trial version and see how it works, then purchase a license if needed.

Would you recommend install rhino 5.0, grasshopper and vray separately as VRay won’t work with rhino 6.0?

Thanks a lot,


Well in any case GH is a separate install for V5. It is included in V6. As far as V-Ray is concerned, you will need to install it for V5 as well. When the V6-compatible version comes out, I suppose that will need to be installed when you actually install V6. I don’t know if the same V-Ray version will install in both V5 and 6 after that, or if they will propose 2 separate versions…

Hi Helvetosaur, thanks for your comment.

I might give it a try to V6 and work with Grasshopper as we are in the design stage. I’ll be back to V5 and install VRay when need to produce some CGI.

thanks again!