Fail to install Vray4.0 for Rhino6 when selecting what to install (lol)

I‘m trying to install vray4.0 for rhino.But I sadly fail to make it in installation parameter.
Just as the image given below.
I could choose neither vray for Rhino5 nor Rhino 6 to install.

Can anyone give me a hand
(ps.I’m not a native English speaker,Please forgive my poor grammar and strange expressing)

What version/service release of Rhino do you have installed?

Rhino6.5,already activited

You mean Rhino 6.0, SR5? What does Help>About say?


If it is actually Rhino V6, SR5, you need to update your Rhino. V-Ray needs at least SR 13 as your first screenshot indicates.

Yes,it works!
thank you very much :)

I actually have the same problem, both rhino 5 and 6 disabled (i can’t tick none of them), while i have rhino 6.9 version 6 SR9 and, which is almost the latest version of rhino 6 and i also have rhino 5.9 and they are both disabled. Can you please tell me any solution for this ? I have the same screenshot as @Moonwhite_chan has posted.
Thank you and regards

Hi @aliaymanali
As @Helvetosaur wrote, V-ray needs at least Rhino 6 SR13 - and Rhino 6 is now at SR21, so no… Rhino 6 SR9 is by no means almost the latest version. So update your Rhino, and it should work!
Edit: And Rhino 5 needs SR14, so again: Update your Rhino :slight_smile:

Okay got it i thought maybe 13 means 1.3 or something because i had no idea about this SR thing !
Thank you so much anyway :slight_smile: