Rhino 6 and vray


I just installed rhino 6 but now vray has disappeared. I guess i have to put something somewhere but i am a bit in the dark here.

Kind regards, René

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

There is still no Vray 3.6 for Rhino 6. There are lots of questions about that on this forum. No dates at the moment !


I have 3.6 installed and working in vray. How can i migarte it to rhino 6?

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

You can’t at the moment. I have also Vray-3.6, Rhino 5 and 6. Vray 3.6 is just for Rhino 5. In few weeks Chaos Group will release a version for Rhino 6. Read the replies of Peter.Chaushev

“We expect to have a V-Ray 3.6 build for Rhino 6 released a week or two after the R6 commercial release and its public announcement (which according to our understanding hasn’t happened yet).”

Go to Chaos to check if version is ready for Rh6


Okay, thanks. I just have to wait for that then.

(Laurent Delrieu) #6

Yes waiting or converting to V5 to make some nice rendering with Vray :grinning:
For me Vray is almost the only reason to still use Rhino 5.


No public release date set :frowning:


I was really hoping for a positive surprise today, during Chaosgroup’s V-ray 3.6 webinar…
No luck there… * somewhat disappointed *

(Marc Gibeault) #9

They said they were testing their V6 build internally, shouldn’t be long…


Thats a very relative guess though…


Hey Everyone. Is there any news here? The aniticipated release date came and went a little more than a month ago. I am anxiously awaiting.

(John Brock) #12

According to our developers that are helping them, a Vray for Rhino V6 “is in beta”.
That’s all I’ve heard and that was yesterday.


Just received this from Chaos Group: