RhinoInside-Revit - Add Beam System's Parameter

Hi Teacher,

I am going through the “Rhino.Inside.Revit” official guide, and I am at the section for “Add Beam System”:

I go through the example myself, now I am wondering if I can add more parameters to control “spacing” between each beam, or can it interact with my “Grids” ?

Thank you so much for your help!


You can modify the parameters via the Element Parameter Component like so…

BTW i had totally forgot about beam systems in revit, and your post just gave me a good idea for some project i am working on xD… thanks

Hey Japhy, you are the bestest~

Is it also possible for the Beam System to interact with other element such as Grid?

But in the “Add Structural Column”, there is a input which is “Curve” that makes it more very versatile,
just wondering if “Add Structural Beam” has the similar input?

Thank you!!!

Hi Ranran, We are limited to what is offered by the Revit API, which is going to be basic creation and modifications of the Beam System, more complex interactions would require a programmatic approach.