Generating model within existing Revit template

Hi, I am having an issue using Rhino inside Revit to generate a model within an existing Revit project template. When I try to generate beam elements using the Add Beam component - using any beam family (also note that Add Column works fine) - I get a ‘Parameter is Read Only’ error, where the beam is generated in Revit but is not recognised as a Revit component and as such I am unable to use the beam components to alter offsets or add text parameters.

The strange part is, when I run the same script with the same families in a new, blank Revit template there is no error. Is there anything within a Revit file which could be causing this sort of error? Thank you


Hard to say without a little more information. If you start a new GH file in the ‘bad’ file can you reference the beams and edit their parameters? Is the document workshared?

Hi, yes I am able to reference a beam by ID and edit it’s parameters. The Add Beam component doesn’t work for me whether I open a central or local copy of the ‘bad’ file

If you could share an example file, it would be better than guessing your problem. We would examine and see whether if the same thing happens on our side.

I’m failing to replicate the error. Can you post a wider view of your definition. Revit & Rhino version. If possible an example file showing the error.