"Rhinoceros wants to make changes"

Hi –
I’m running MacOS 10.14. I’ve just installed Rhino 6 for Mac fresh from the downloads page at https://www.rhino3d.com/download, and I am attempting to use my university’s “zoo” to authenticate. After I enter the zoo server address (“Use the Zoo server with the following hostname or IP address”), I am faced with a popup telling me that “Rhinoceros wants to make changes” and asking for my personal system password. If I dismiss it, I am told that “Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit.”

This feels somewhere between a dark pattern and an outright scam – software should never need my system password to run. (If it needs to change something secure, it should pop up a system dialog, or it should tell me exactly what needs to change so I could change it myself.) Did I somehow download an illegitimate copy of Rhino? Is there some specific permission I could give it that is short of total carte blanche on my entire system? (I guess I could set up an entire seperate low-access guest user?)

standard mac behaviour- it’s asking for access to the zoo server and the OS asks every time anything like that happens. go ahead and enter your info, we don;t see it or have access to it, this is just giving you access to the connection you need.