Logging In

When I log intonations Rhino from my Mac and out my license key in, it says that it wants to make new changes and it asks for my username and password but it keeps saying my credentials are wrong and I know they aren’t. What do I do? Because I cannot save my work if I don’t have the license key.

Call tech support for your region.
This isn’t something that can be fixed on the discussion forum.

One thing to keep in mind - and this is a bit confusing the initial time you run Rhino - is that Rhino will ask you to “elevate” so that it can write a license file to a special location (this is a one-time thing). You might be seeing this dialog and thinking: “Rhino is asking me for my Rhino account login.” It’s not, it’s asking for your user credentials on this computer (what you used to sign into macOS).

Now, I’m only speculating here because I can’t see the dialog you are referring to, but that might be what is going on here.