Can't log into Rhino 6 Evaluation for Mac

Hello. Last night I downloaded the Evaluation version of Rhino 6, but for some reason I can’t log into it. I set up an account on the Rhino website, downloaded Rhino 6 and entered the temporary license code.

After doing that, a window pops up saying “Rhino wants to make changes” and asks for a password and it won’t accept any password I use. I reset my password three times, and each time I go back and try to use the new one it doesn’t work. After that I hit cancel and a window pops up that says “License not found. Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit”, and then another window that says “Rhino initialization error. Rhino will not save, unrecognized run time mode: 100.”

What can I do about this? Needless to say this is extremely frustrating. What should be a simple process is impossible right now.

if the dialog has a lock on it, then it’s asking for your Macs password (what you use to unlock the machine), not your rhino accounts password

Yeah, I also emailed the tech support email address and was given that answer. It was a misunderstanding of what the prompt was coming from on my part. I just logged in and I’m good to go. Thanks for the info either way.