Gumball move Arrow offset?

I realized that if I have selected multiple curve objects and want to move them using the Gumball arrows I can’t drag the arrow to move but I need to get a little bit outside and after that to drag and move which is somehow annoing. Can this behaviour be fixed?

Seems that if I have multiple curves selectected and drag one of the dots, will extrude the curves but it is working only in certain conditions.

Hello - what is the display you’re using? What resolution? and what is the scaling in Windows (right click desktop > Display settings)


I have a Dell U2715H 27" with 2560 x 1440 resolution scaled to 100%.

Hello - can you please try resetting your Gumball settings (Options > Modeling aids > Gumball) to defaults and see if that makes any difference?


I made a Gumball reset and seems to be a little bit better but still don’t work very well vhen multiple objects selected, I suspect because of the small “dot” from the axis? In the position where is now the cursor, the color of the X axis needed to change from red to black but it dosn’t. In some spots it is changing, but I need to be precise, and when working I just want to drag the axis without thinking if I’m in the right spot or not.