WIP7 gumball drag / enter value function bug?

Hi. I’ve begun using WIP7 more lately, but a function that I use a lot seems broken: when dragging an object using a gumball arrow, previously I could hit ‘0’ while dragging to jump the object to the zero point of that axis. In WIP7 it seems to jump to a random point (not 0), but perhaps I’m missing something. Any ideas?

The alternative for now is set XYZ coords, but this is waaaaay slower than the gumball method.

Do you have Snappy Dragging set for the Gumball? With Osnaps enabled this can be very handy but only if you want it on. If that’s not it, post more information please.

Hello - this works dragging the center point, the origin, of the gumball but not the arrows. Typing 0 while dragging moves the drag point to 0 in that axis - is that what you’re looking for?


Boom! That’s it — works with snappy dragging on. Thanks!

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