Wish: Gumball Operations

Typing x=0 would move object/gumball center to x-origin

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Just type 0

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To clarify, you can do this already, but it requires you to start dragging and while dragging, press 0 Enter. I use this all the time. (Snappy dragging should be enabled(edit: not in V8))


@Normand @Gijs thank you for your help. It works with snappy mode only , which I do not like.

Would be nice to have it working in smooth mode too and via text input when clicking on the direction/translation arrow, as this is more intuitive and not so “hidden”.

Thank you.

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@inju thank you for making this video. Did not know Thanks

Indeed! A hidden new feature in v8

Ah that’s why. Still using v7 because of the unsolved issues with v8

lol this is hoint to change the way i do things. great

I just typed in a negative value while dragging on an arrow. Seems this enables incremental dragging.

@martinsiegrist what is this? Looks fancy.

also new in Rhino 8 is

(Click an arrow to enter a distance, press Enter.)
Pressing Shift + RMB/Enter/Space/Tab moves the object in the opposite direction.

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Those are some of my macros with icons I should redo at some point :rofl:

oh i thought this would work with any number not only 0.