Gumball move issue

When using the gumball tool to move objects I personally always click the point of the arrow, hold the mouse and start dragging. The problem is that right on the start of the move, the gumball moves it’s center to my mouse cursor rather then keeping the center of the gumball on it’s relative position from when I clicked the arrow when started moving.

Is there a logical way to prevent this? Because on the other hand, when wanting to snap an object with the gumball tool you DO wan’t it to use the center of the gumball.

So primarily I want to retain the option of snapping this is much more important, but when trying to move the object quickly by eye, especially with heavier objects it’s a hassle that the object first jumps too far away, rather then start moving as far as I move my mouse.

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Right click on the “gumball” in the status bar or click inside the white circle widget to bring up the Gumball options. switch from “snappy dragging” to “smooth dragging”.


Thank you very much!

Thanks @HaLo, This has always been an annoyance of the Rhino Gumball, which is why I normally use the T-Splines gumball instead.
In my opinion SMOOTH DRAGGING should be the default, Not SNAPPY (Jump wherever the mouse is) dragging.
I know this is old, but since it still behaves this way, perhaps others should be aware of the option. Michael VS

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Thank you! Even in 2020 this is still a troublesome issue even though it’s solution is pretty obvious / simple. I will maintain ‘smooth dragging’. Cheers